Yep provides coaching for driven professionals, focusing on enhancing your strength and effect. Coaching offers a solution in two cases: when you (or your employee) have a very specific learning goal that does not closely align with a group training, or when you need personal guidance. The coaching can stand alone or be a supplement to a (talent) program. To get an idea of the themes on which we have already guided other professionals, you can take a look below.

Are you wondering if we can guide you with your specific development goal? Then it is useful to get in touch! Here are our rates. All trajectories are available both online and face-to-face and are suitable for individuals, entrepreneurs, and employees.
We usually work with a trajectory of 2 to 5 sessions. During a free intake, we determine the exact approach.

Coaching possibilities

Our vision

A coaching trajectory always looks differently. Many people have enough direction from one or two sessions to continue independently. Others prefer long-term contact where they can, for example, discuss different aspects of their function or collaboration. Although the coaching itself can vary greatly in duration and content, our vision is always the same. We believe that everyone has the information and skills at home to move forward with a plan or goal. Coaching helps to focus attention, have a stick behind the door, reflect, come to new insights, make a well-considered choice. This ensures that a participant remains in control, makes choices they truly support, and does not become dependent on the coach.

Coachees over Anna:


We get to know each other, determine what you want to achieve, and establish the approach together.


We work on increasing your self-knowledge to gain insight into your desires, talents, pitfalls, and challenges. We will stimulate you to experiment.

Strengthening personal leadership

Knowing what you want to change is one thing. Feeling that you have influence is an important second, so you can take control of your situation.


At the end of a trajectory, we look ahead and pay attention to what is needed to continue applying what you have learned.


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