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Great ambitions, the young family life, the hustle and bustle of the day, uncertainties, and inexperience: these are reasons why almost every starter needs support in the area of time management. And this theme is not only relevant for young professionals: even with a lot of experience, time management remains a challenge. Simply because something new always comes your way. A reorganization, change of tasks or processes, caregiving…

A feeling of dissatisfaction with what you achieve from your plans, or thoughts like: ‘I’m going from fire to fire!’, ‘it’s survival’, ‘I’m at my max’ are signals that it’s time to organize your days more efficiently!

The Time Management training provides you with an overview and tools to do things differently and, most importantly, to experience them differently. The amount of stress you experience can be greatly influenced by.. yourself. This training is intended for anyone who wants to study their own behavior patterns and see where there is room for (time) improvement. We do not adhere to just one methodology, but look at how you are currently doing things, compare this with others in the group, and tailor our tips to what already works and what suits you.

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The first part of the training is about time-saving (or stress-saving) possibilities in your situation, the second part is about how you will achieve this so that it doesn’t just remain good intentions.

If you want to advance as a team, come together in a private group. This way, we can tailor to your needs more easily. A lot can be acchieved in even a single session. This is often used by start-up teams, self-managing teams, and student boards. The topic of Time Management is often combined with Effective Meetings of Stress management.

We schedule new trainings on request [email protected]

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“Our startup team struggled a lot with stress related problems after the first three years into the business. Esther and Marijn created a custom training for our teamleads that gave insight into more than time management alone. Company culture, healthy and unhealthy habits, and conversational skills to get in touch with employees showing the first signs of becomming overworked helped us a lot.” Director of an innovative production company

“This year, we are filling 6 board positions with 5 people. Glad we already had a Time Management training after 4 weeks to make an effective start!” - Ivo - Treasurer of SEFA

“After 35 years, my office moved to a few villages away. Initially, it seemed like a small difference, but in practice, it turned out to be disappointing for me. The extra travel time, not being able to commute by bike anymore, but especially the ‘open’ and therefore noisy new work floor full of distractions completely threw me off balance. I felt like I was standing on the edge (and was only 3 years away from my pension). At first, I saw no solution and thought: I’m going to end up on sick leave. With more grip on what I needed to work well, I was able to make better work agreements. A private room. Letting go of certain tasks. In hindsight, it seems simple. I waited too long to take control of this situation. The Time Management coaching helped me with this. I also appreciated that we concretely prepared and practiced conversations.” - Ben - insurance office employee

“We noticed a loss of efficiency throughout the company because the structure fell away for employees with working from home. Normally, they would be with regular clients on set days. By having groups follow the time management training from Yep, we were able to get a good understanding of the situation and had meaningful conversations about how this could be done smarter.” - Software company


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