Every individual is different and everyone has their own unique questions and challenges. Coaching at Yep is always customized. We are happy to give you an idea of the themes on which many others have already been coached at Yep. If your question is not listed, don’t hesitate to contact us.


“I often hear that I don’t step into the foreground enough and I want to work on that.”

Do you find it difficult to profile yourself? Do you often hear that you are not visible enough? In a few coaching sessions, we will focus on what you want to show about yourself and practice how to present yourself in a way that suits you.

It might be useful for your situation to also work on your visibility in a group setting. After individual coaching, you can join our presentation training.

Personal Leadership

“I feel like I have little control over what happens in my life. Like life is happening to me. I want to find out what my goals are, what I want to be doing.”

Personal leadership is an abstract concept that in practice revolves around questions such as: Do I know what is important to me? Am I able to act accordingly and maintain this? What pitfalls do I recognize, and how do I prevent stepping into them? The more you feel you have control over your own life, the easier it is to deal with daily challenges that come your way.

Do you have a dream you want to achieve and want to work on it practically with a step-by-step plan? That can also be part of the coaching or in our dream to goal training.


“As a leader, many people look to me. I feel like I’m juggling many different things at once: driving results, connecting, inspiring, and providing direction. Am I doing it right?”

As a leader, you often have little time for your own development. In our coaching we make room for that. We will address obstacles you encounter as a leader and also look to the future: what kind of leader would you like to be?

Time Management

“My schedule is overflowing, I’m constantly solving issues, and at the end of the day, I feel like I haven’t gotten to what is really important to me.”

At some points in life, even the most organised people run into time management issues. In coaching we aim to discover what you would need to work from a place of calm and overview. And indeed, that is different for everyone. We will practically work on smartly organizing your work while also addressing more fundamental questions: With which tasks would you ideally want to fill your schedule?

Does it appeal to you to work on this topic in a group setting? Then follow our training on this subject.

Facilitating Groups

“When I host meetings or training sessions, it drains me. I’m tired of working hard while the participants are not as engaged as I would like. I’m looking for tools to strengthen my role as a facilitator/trainer.”

Anyone who works with groups knows that hosting them involves a lot. As a trainer or facilitator, you are never done learning, and every so often, you reach a point where you need a boost in your development. This coaching is for you if you want to give extra attention to specific skills or break patterns that currently hinder your growth.

In our Train-the-Trainer program, you learn the tricks of the training trade. During the coaching, you have the opportunity to address specific questions regarding your facilitation role. This can be very practical if you need inspiration for new and effective (online) work forms or if you need a fresh perspective to fine-tune the details before an important meeting. It might also be that in your role as a coach and trainer, you recognize a pattern you want to break, such as tension when standing in front of a group or difficulty with confronting and strongly intervening in group processes.

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