Dealing with stress

“I am constantly working through to-do lists, often feel stressed, and experience less and less of the joy I had when I first started this job.”

Taking stress seriously in time is of great importance to prevent structural depletion. But this coaching trajectory goes much further than reducing stress; it is an opportunity to get to know yourself better and benefit from it for the rest of your life.

Do you feel like you are running at too high a speed or that your battery is almost empty? Do you feel (too) much responsibility? Or do you recognize feelings of cynicism or irritability? These can be signs of unhealthy stress. A little stress from time to time is manageable, but too much stress is something to take seriously. The sooner you do that, the easier it is to reduce stress and seize it as an opportunity to learn a lot about yourself.

What causes the stress?

It is important to recognize (physical) signs of overload and investigate the cause of this stress. Sometimes the stress is linked to a concrete situation, but often there are underlying patterns. During coaching, it may suddenly become clear that someone has a fear of failure or often thinks: “If I just finish this task, then I can relax.” As soon as the task is finished, the next one already presents itself. You can imagine that if someone constantly thinks this way, the moment of relaxation never comes. Everyone has their own patterns, and recognizing them is crucial to making different choices.

What picks you up?

In coaching, it is just as important to reflect on what makes you tick. What are the moments at work where you experience satisfaction? When do you feel that you are in the right place? And if you don’t have answers to these questions, then that is a good starting point for further exploration. For example, into your motivations and talents and how they relate to your current position.

In short: if you want to get better at dealing with stress, our coaching is an opportunity to get to know yourself better. So that you create room to breathe for the moment and for the long term. You know what to do in periods when you feel the pressure is too high.

Do you see yourself working on this topic in a group setting and getting inspired by others? That is also possible.

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