Coaching for your team

”A lot is happening on our work floor. This is a time when our employees could use some extra attention.”

If you think it’s important that people in your organization receive some extra guidance, then you want to organize it well. We are happy to think along with you or get started for you right away. Read below how!


You may notice that employees in your organization need coaching. You see it as a good sign that employees want to work on their development and believe that it is part of good employment practices to discuss this. If you are wondering how best to organize this, you can contact us. Together we will discuss how to offer coaching widely and accessibly in your organization. We can guide you in finding the right coach for a specific employee or help you set up a coaching pool so that you can easily refer employees when they need coaching.

Walk-in Coaching

There may be a particular theme currently playing a significant role in your organization. Perhaps the work pressure is high, or there is a significant change happening on the work floor. You want to offer guidance to employees without engaging in lengthy and costly processes. In that case, walk-in coaching might be something for your organization.

What does walk-in coaching look like? On fixed days, one of our coaches comes to the office, and employees can sign up for a short coaching session of 45 minutes. Together with you as the client, we will determine what walk-in coaching further requires in terms of organization and communication to employees.

Coaching Punch card

We also offer ‘coaching punch cards’ to organisations that want to facilitate easy access to coaching. We would like to tell you more about how it works!

For some themes, it can be effective to work in a group setting. Take a look at our training to get a better idea of what we can offer.

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