Coaching in addition to a talent program

“How do we retain our young talents? Can we offer something that allows talents to learn from each other while also addressing the specific challenges of individual employees?”

Coaching is a great addition to a talent program, whether it’s our (customized) TDP program or another program. It provides the space to translate insights from the training days into the participants’ daily life and also for themes that participants find difficult to bring up in a plenary setting.

You want young talents to commit to your organization for a longer period by giving them the space to develop optimally. After all, many find personal and professional development, challenge, work-life balance, and equal communication more important than job security. For younger employees, it is also important to feel that they are in the right place.

In our Talent Development Programs, participants learn to recognize their own talents, gain confidence in those talents, turn them into actions, and navigate a well-founded and independent course. In the lives of twenty- and thirty-somethings, so much can happen that coaching can help address doubts, obstacles, and life questions in a timely manner.

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